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HAMZIĆ All American training serves families to first-time tennis players to junior and adult competitive players. All services offered are provided by former professional tennis player, college star Emir Hamzić & his team of coaches. Our clients enjoy unique tennis events year-round, private lessons, group classes, strength & conditioning, mental training. Programs included are...



- Designed to encourage and motivate the junior players.

- Specifically designed drills to help my players master a set of skills at their level. 

- Offer leagues and tournament play to help students master competitive play skills. 

- Based on the four pillars of technical play, tactical play, competitive play, and physical development

- Encourage balanced players with strong technical skills



- Available to junior development plays who choose to take their tennis to the next level.

- Based on the UTR system different levels require prior approval from myself

- Geared towards players aspiring for college-level or professional tennis.



- Clinics are offered at every level 

- Great opportunity to focus on the offense-defense aspect of doubles,

- Build solid technique

- Learn new skills to take your game to the next level.

     1. Ladies Clinic 

     2. Men's Clinic

- Drill & play clinics.

     3. Tennis Cardio 

- Ultimate full-body, calorie-burning, aerobic workout 

- Social fun setting for players of all levels


- Reduce injury and enhance performance.

- In the interest of each clients unique needs,

- Custom training regimens are written and their progress is rigorously tracked.

1. Performance Training 

- Our training programs are based on extensive research in high-performance training

- Customized for the player based on tournament schedules, on-court training loads, injury history, and personal athletic strengths and weaknesses.

2. Adult Training 

3. Private/Semi-Private Training

4. Team Training 


- Specific topics every session that covers areas such as

1. Focus

2. Controllable

3. Uncontrollable

4. Attitude.

- Our mental training sessions provide specific plans for each athlete to follow and track.

- In addition, we provide sessions for our parents and educate them on their role in the sport of tennis.

1. Sportsmanship,

2. Sport specialization

3. Empowering your kids

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